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FLYCOM provides Outside Broadcast units, SNG & Flyaway units to capture live action and special events at any location.
Outside Broadcast Van OUTSIDE BROADCAST VAN  (OB VAN)  
HD/SD OB vans and experienced crew to capture content from any location.

Outside Broadcast Portable Production Unit OUTSIDE BROADCAST MOBILE UNITS  
As well as HD/SD OB vans, we also offer HD/SD Outside Broadcast Mobile Units, which are portable mobile studios for when a truck is not suitable.

Our DSNG service can be provided either on an occasional basis, in response to the single requests from a customer or within the framework of comprehensive agreements, where a certain number of SNG trucks can be fully dedicated to the customer´s specific needs.
Each SNG truck may be equipped from one-camera to multi-camera setup (SNG cameras or broadcast triax channel cameras).

Flycom´s Flyaway team has broadcasted major events around the Russia and CIS such as breaking news, conventions, sports events or entertainment.


Mobile Flyaway unit to pack up into 4 suitcase

Flight Case Dimensions(cm) Weight(kg) Composition
1 30×66×139 30.00 Dish
2 44×31×133 28.00 Tripod+feed horn
3 53×40×82 35.00 Amplifier
4 68×56×90 70.00 2 Encoder, 2 IRD, analyzer
Total 163.00 kg.

Flycom provides HD/SD Radio Relay units. If you need point-to-point connection then Radio Relay unit is reliable and effective solution.

Flycom owns Teleport in Moscow, Russia. That give you access to earth stations and a range of satellites reaching over 90% of the globe. This is supported by global fibre links to all major cities and interconnects to provide reliable, efficient and secure distribution of your occasional live or tape content.

FLYCOM delivers fully managed playout services. Programs can be delivered to us for playout in several ways, including: satellite route, fibre route, studios, tapes, CD's, Files, internet.
The service has a wide range of options and is delivered with unrivalled redundancy and availability levels.

Flycom has occasional use agreements with leading satellite operators and can offer a wide range of transmission services via satellite network.

A portion of Flycom's Network is made possible through our fiber connectivity. We have bi-directional fibers spread throughout different locations.

Studio and Production STUDIO & LIVE STUDIO   
Flycom offers live studio from Moscow. We ensure rapid access for breaking news. You can use our fiber connectivity and satellite route from and to studio.

Flycom´s Post Production facilities use the latest industry standard equipment and produce top quality broadcast material in a wide range of formats to enhance your production from concept through to transmission.

Stand-up & Live Position LIVE POSITION   
Flycom can organize live stand-up positions and ad-hoc uplinks to accommodate the broadcasting and breaking news needs of our clients.
We can organize live positions at any point in Russia, CIS and worldwide.

Flycom offers a professional broadcast equipment (Camera Kits, Audio Kits and Lighting Kits) and provides Camera Crews, Lighting Crews and Sound Crews to fit your production needs. In addition to providing crews, we also provide an English-speaking producers.
Flycom provides full range of services including accreditation, accommodating, logistics, technical support, and so on.
We cover you from start to finish. Welcome!

With our Livestream service you can broadcast live event over the Internet.
We can broadcast for our clients concerts, sport events, shows, corporate presentations, business conferences and product releases.
You can use our Outside Broadcast units to create multicameras setups and then broadcast your event over Internet.

With our Video Wall - Multi-Screen service you can represent you can now place numerous images or a large high-resolution single image on multiple screens to create a dynamic presentation that will target your customers.

Flycom offers a News Package.
We can create news for our clients in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in any point of CIS. Flycom offers office with working places (including FTP), journalists, cameramans and all equipment in order to create news.